Orgatec Wrap Up

Last Friday wrapped up Orgatec 2018, and with manly of our suppliers on the ground exhibiting their new products and innovations so were we. Themes that TCW has explored since FRONT re-surfaced in Cologne. Flexible working, wellness and of course human-centric design were all at the forefront.



If Doctor Who, ever wanted a new Tardis then this was the show. There were small ones, large ones, good ones and some pretty ordinary efforts. TCW have the pick of the bunch with the Dauphin Human Space Cube having a large range of sizes as well as excellent air handling and very good acoustics. The other measures of cubes include, plug and play integration, comfort, installation time and mobility.

Smartblock won the mobility race easily with simplicity of movement and engineering that rates very highly on all scales. Flexible working was visible in so many of the stands – from soft seating to the highly considered booths and pods mentioned.

“Orgatec 2018 once again proved to be the most influential and ahead-of-the-curve global design trade show.”

On the first day I viewed the Framery booth, new LoOok industries products, Dauphin, Actiu, our new brand Smartblock. To close Wednesday we had the Dauphin 50 year celebration and the speeches with Mr Dauphin being acknowledged for his massive contributions. Dauphin was a highlight with the latest rendition of the Human Space cubes with black powder coated frames offering great aesthetics, some of the best engineering systems and modular abilities.

Actiu highlights included the new chair Karbon, a strong indication of the technical possibilities and trajectory of Actiu’s design development. Whass and Talent were the other big hits, where the integration of furniture and technology met again showing the industries response to the increased need for agile furniture. Actiu’s 50th bash was incredibly vibrant and showed their commitment to forward thinking with not just products but technology and mobile applications focused on wellbeing.

Orgatec once again has shown that growth and new ideas is insatiable in design industry, and we are so glad businesses and individuals continue to be curious and challenge the now, looking into the future.

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