Outgoing and sociable – that’s the personality of the Allora line of lounge furniture. Its organic design language and the pleasant feel of the fabric convey a sense of effortless comfort. The elements can be freely arranged and invite both employees and guests to sit down and relax – perfect for entrance areas as well as casual impromptu meetings or private conversations.

RRP From: $571.00

12 weeks


The Allora collection is made up of a variety of soft seating elements:
Lounge chairs in one, two and three seaters, lounge stools in high and low, dividing elements and tables.
Poufs come in 4 sizes and a table top is also an option.
Dividing elements in the options of straight or curved, both 175cm high.


All seating can be upholstered in 2 tone.
Lounge upholstery variants are: (1) Seat surface/seat body outside or Backrest inside/outside.
(2) Seat surface + backrest inside or Seat body + backrest outside.
Lounge legs are polished aluminium.
Low lounge stool is H45cm. Polished aluminium base.
High lounge stool is H47cm. Plastic base.


5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail & Hospitality