Outgoing and sociable – that’s the personality of the Allora line of lounge furniture. Its organic design language and the pleasant feel of the fabric convey a sense of effortless comfort. The elements can be freely arranged and invite both employees and guests to sit down and relax – perfect for entrance areas as well as casual impromptu meetings or private conversations.

RRP From: $519.00

12 weeks


The Allora collection is made up of a variety of soft seating elements:
Lounge chairs in one, two and three seaters, lounge stools in high and low, dividing elements and tables.
Dividing elements in the options of straight or curved, both 175cm high.


All seating can be upholstered in 2 tone.
Lounge upholstery variants are: (1) Seat surface/seat body outside or Backrest inside/outside.
(2) Seat surface + backrest inside or Seat body + backrest outside.
Lounge legs are polished aluminium.
Low lounge stool is H45cm. Polished aluminium base.
High lounge stool is H47cm. Plastic base.


5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail & Hospitality