Anon & Co

Clover is a little stool bound to bring luck, good fortune and prosperity to the design voyeur. The unique ability to stack this piece has shaped the seat and spawned its four leaf idenity. Made from 100% plantation plywood sourced locally, you can breathe easy that mother nature is looked after. The Clover can be assembled or disassembled at a moment’s notice and conveniently tucked away when you are finished. Luck has nothing to do with good design theClover cleverly bridges this divide.

RRP From: $312.00

8 weeks


Clover 42 - suitable for adults 420mm.
Clover Jr 30 - for children at 300mm.
Made from 100% plantation plywood sourced locally.
Unique clover shape adds a quirky detail to any commercial or retail area.


5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail & Hospitality