Engage – Smart Workplace Technology
CMS Electracom

Engage is a smart workplace solution harnessing intelligent hardware and powerful software.  Seamlessly digitalising the interaction between employees and the workplace, while empowering property and facility managers to monitor space utilisation and energy consumption to provide insightful analytics on how their workplace is being utilised.

RRP From: $627.00

4 weeks



Functionality and support for different requests (ex with booking app, without, different scenes, different settings tailored to client)
Customizations to standard dashboard offering
Site visits and client interactions (Qualified reps or team)
Phone support/ Ticketing system or email support
Remote management and control


Combining intelligent hardware with powerful software
Seamless digital interaction between employees and the workplace
Allowing greater insight toward making data driven decisions – space booking & utilization – energy management to drive costs down & enhance environmental compliance
No Check in No Power
Future state of work is catered for, rest API structure allows 3rd party integration
Create user friendly workplace, empower both employee and enterprise to create the workplace look and feel they want, ultimately enhancing the workplace experience Energy Management & Data Metrics
Harnessing technology to deliver consistent improvements to lower energy consumption and contribute to taking positive action towards climate change.

Applicable Industry



5 Years