Hotbox 1

The compact Hotbox 1 brings something fresh to the Hotbox family. Ideal for quick collaborative working in and around any office location, Hotbox 1 is the solution for agile workers who need to be organised whilst constantly in motion. So instead of playing a game of human Jenga, admirably loading yourself with a notebook, tablet, coffee cup and more pens than reason, plant your stuff in a Hotbox 1. Moving from one space to another will be a much easier task - and definitely less stress-inducing.

Price: $115.00

2-4 Weeks


Available in five colours: pink, yellow, blue, white and brick.
One size only.


Large rear compartment for notebooks, tablets or personal items.
3 smaller compartments at the front to hold stationery and supplies.
H 90mm W 312mm D 182mm
Weight: 0.91 kg
Designed to insert straight into a locker, the packaging can be transformed into a box to get the most out of a small space.
Soft grip handle.


5 years

Applicable Industries