Hybrid brings the comforts of home to the office and creates the best place to work while being seated, standing or in motion. Changing the physical character and social experience of the workplace stimulates flexible workers to spend more time in the office and be more productive and hit targets. The Hybrid collection can be divided into three categories: Workstations, Soft Seating and Tables. These three furniture categories form the uniform Hybrid collection and share the same design features, like the stunning wooden legs and extensive fabric colour range.

RRP From: $1,785.00

8 weeks



3 categories of furniture: Soft seating, tables and workstations.
Meeting tables available at sitting and standing heights.
Workstation Hybrid MAX available in straight desk clusters or 120 degree wing.
32 soft seating modules available to create configurations.
A large range of upholstery colours and top options available.


Wing workstation feature an Ergo Curve - For better support of the arms of the users in sitting and standing position.
Workstation soft wiring is stored inside the screens and cables can placed in the integrated gutter at the base.
High back soft seating with integrated table technology for a meeting pod.
The integrated worktops of Hybrid optimally support Activity Based Working.
The high quality upholstery absorbs and blocks sound creating acoustic privacy.


5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail & Hospitality