Marco Folding Table

The Marco range is your solution to having a versatile, flexible system at a favourable price point. Marco is an original, light and versatile folding table. Spanish for ‘Framework’, Marco incorporates a simple yet structurally ingenious solution that is adaptable in commercial spaces. The Marco Folding system comes standard with two locking and two non-locking heavy duty castors & has multiple frames that nest with a low profile footprint, thanks to the squared foot design.

RRP From: $715.00

4-6 weeks


Size range can be anywhere between 800mm - 2100mm wide and 600mm - 1000mm deep
Narrow or Wide foot, set at 180° for easy storage with minimum space taken.
Power boxes offset mounted available
Adjustable glides and Table links available
Pearl White, Black Texture, Soft Aluminum and custom colours available


Telescopic Beam makes ‘one size fits all’. No issues with changing the overhang on your table
Includes heavy duty casters
720mm standard, up to 900mm standing with top

Applicable Industries

Retail and Hospitality