BeCode miniPad offers the simplicity of BeCode keyless locking on a small scale. It combines simple operation, modest size, advanced technology and secure functionality, all within the usual BeCode elegant design. Like all BeCode locking systems, the miniPAD is keyless and cable-free, is unaffected by power outages and does not require connection to your IT system. miniPad is perfect for storage areas operated by single dedicated users, or areas where multiple users share the same furniture - to operate you simply type your code into the keypad. he smart lock for smart lockers, miniPad’s smaller size makes it ideal for laptop lockers as well as personal and business storage - it measures only 96mm wide by 64mm high. The locking mechanism offers even tighter security; the spring-loaded bolt snaps in and locks the door automatically and a pin ensures that the bolt cannot be manipulated from the outside. With its robust housing, the miniPad is designed for the most challenging environments; it is vandal and tamper-proof and can be fitted to all door types.


Optional TAN mode and other software functions.
Six optional pre-installed modes of operation for multiple and single users.
Option of etched logo and numbering.


20 year battery life (with a maximum of 1,000 closings per month).
Not susceptible to power outages.
Straightforward battery change and manual lock programming
Over 10 billion code variations with banking standard security.
Simple master and reset function.
Aesthetically designed to enhance furniture.
No need for an electrician or a computer programmer.
Connection to wi-fi or bluetooth (No cables or links to the internal IT system).


5 years

Applicable Industries