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Moving Walls

The magnetic, writeable Moving Panel is a versatile tool and the ideal extension of the mobile whiteboard Moving Wall. The wafer-thin, frameless panel is available in two functional sizes and can effortlessly be attached to the extensive Moving Wall. Alternatively, the lightweight Moving Panel can be used as a stand-alone writeable presentation surface on the wall by means of a rail-system or placed as a piece of paper on a table, responding perfectly to the requirements of highly flexible working environments and methods.

RRP From: $490.00

8 weeks


Available in a small and medium size.


Designed by Jörg Boner, Made in Switzerland.
Dimensions: S - H75 x W51cm, M - H100 x W68cm, 1cm depth.
Weight: S - 3.1 kg, M - 4.5 kg.
Manufactured from a powder coated Steel sheet.
The mobile panel comes with the same high-end surface as the Moving Wall and is an ideal tool for conference rooms, offices as well as for residential settings.


2 years

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