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Multiway is a collection of workstations and desks boasting a modern, slimline look that can fit into any work or education environment. The standard model is supplied at the fixed height of 720mm with the worktop, and height-adjustable from 650 to 1300mm. Multiway provides you with a high level of flexibility, with a choice of straight desk, corner workstation, 120 degree and dual benching desk systems. Combine Multiway Standard with the versatile and high quality screens to increase privacy and functionality, ideal for open office working.

RRP From: $642.00

6 weeks



Single Desks, straight, Corner & 120 Degree.
Back to Back, straight, Corner & 120 Degree.
Multiple Worktop Finishes and Sizes Available.
Multiple Screen Options Available.
Multiple Cable Tray and Cable Basket Options Available.
Multiple Soft Wiring Options Available.
Multiple Powder Coat Options Available (extended lead times).


Standard Powder Coat Options in Black or White.
Fixed Height 720mm.
Electric Height Adjustable 650-1300mm.
Fast Adjustment at 40mm/ Second.
Dual Motor.
Digital Memory Handset.
AFRDI Certified.


10 years

Applicable Industries