Agile Collection

The Agile Collection by Actiu is a set of solutions to adapt offices to new AGILE methodologies.  It offers different solutions and accessories which provide maximum functionality in any space. Teams can adapt their own spaces for their own needs.


Caddy 500 - A mobile and lightweight support that allows you to create different environments, being able to integrate whiteboards and interactive screens as well as complementary accessories. The ability to incorporate an upholstered finish also enhances its sound absorbing qualities and offers greater acoustic privacy
Acoustic Panels - Its right angles allow panels to be used independently or as a grid, creating comfortable environments. Thanks to its fabric and internal foam with high acoustic absorption they improve working conditions, especially in open spaces.
Auxiliary Tables - With an asymmetrical silhouette inspired by nature, it is a slim and stable table that is useful in all kinds of environments, for writing on it or for more interactive work, thus complementing soft seating solutions of different heights


Caddy - Comes with or without power frame and multiple colors for frame and MFC panels
Grandstand is available with or without castors and with upholstered cushion and puff
Caddy 500 comes in a range of surface, fabric and laminate panels. A writable surface is also available
Acoustic Panels are available in 3 upholstered sizes with a wide range of bright and decorative fabrics to choose from
The Auxiliary tables come in 2 different sizes 4 base colours and 2 compact laminate top selections.

Applicable Industries

Hospitality & Retail