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Made of a single sheet of ply, the Oxy-Ply is lightweight and sturdy with full lumbar support. The Oxy-ply chair is ideal for healthcare environments due to the wide frame and a variety of models. Luxmy has gone that step further by manufacturing a plywood frame over metals that are commonly used for bariatric seating, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to the product and often needed by its target market. The ability for custom upholstery and the streamlined frame allows it to be designed for hospitality and workspaces also.      

RRP From: $1,026.00

6 weeks


There are 5 models available.
Options include with or without arms, and high or low back.
Open back option for easy cleaning.


The easy to adjust configurations caters for a variety of end uses including commercial lounge seating, and aged care facilities.
Manufactured with a plywood frame and commercial grade foam.
Certifications ISO 14001 Certified Factory, GECA approved.
Meets the Australian standard for bariatric seating.


5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail and Hospitality