Sometimes the simplest designs involve high technical complexity, this is the case with the SHEY collection. The aim is to achieve a language of light, without sacrificing comfort and the necessary ergonomics.  The designers Ramos & Bassols have developed just such a collective for Actiu with geometries, complex internal structures and large molds which provide the final piece with seamless design and great quality. Freedom, flexibility and movement are the words which reflect the spirit of the new collective and work space. The fixed timetables, operative static positions, closed offices and meeting rooms disappear to make way for a universe dominated by an open, welcoming, collaborative and multi-functional environment.  A meeting place with an active environment which inspires and stimulates, where everything is possible and where productivity and creativity coexist in a close relationship.  

RRP From: $1,383.00

12 weeks


Shey is comprised of two main pieces in its two models. One front part or seat and a rear or backrest. Assembled using a simple but strong metal joining system with black PA trim.
Both the seat and backrest have a metal internal structure which provides the necessary strength without reducing comfort when seated.
On a metal structure, flexible polyurethane foam 85 kg m3 is injected. Which means a perfect balance of durability, elasticity and comfort.
Available in quality Omega, Melange, Napel and Blazer.
The entire range comes as standard, marking the upholstery made with heat seal technology.
Anti slip finished in black polypropylene.
Concatenation system and attachment of accessories (arms and tables) integrated.


Its technical features includthe PUR finish, coupled with the full range of upholstery (leather or textile), makes SHEY and aseptic product , durable and with a texture easy to maintain and clean.
Ideal for public spaces with a high transit level.
SHEY is a collection of modular seats based on an intelligent system which combines various layers by overlapping them. The combination of the different sheets enable lineal growth in progression, addition of accessories, as well as intimate and cosy spaces.

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5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail & Hospitality