Silenspace is modular, moveable, sound proofed and the ultimate smart solution for todays versatile workplace needs. Silen Spaces are incredible at silencing the noisy soundscape of a busy office. Acoustic quality makes private conversations and phone calls easy: they are quiet and keep your words from reaching others. As a modular system the unique and hassle free solution is designed to constantly match the changing needs. The Space has hidden wheels – all modules can be moved for optimum versatility.  



There are 4 modules available: Space 1, Space 2, Space 4 and Space 6.
Smart Solution’s calendar application optional for shared working accessible through a simple QR code. Only optional for Spaces 2-6.
4 furniture settings available: vertical, power-chat, quiet work and lounge.
A wide range of internal upholstery available as well as shell colours.


Silenspace is modular so you can adapt and grow in size if necessary or retrofit.
Space 1 includes integrated table with a 220 V wall socket and an USB outlet.
Space 2, 4 and 6 include 220 V floor sockets, also available with USB outlets.
Energy efficient LED strips and spot lights guarantee a high quality natural light.
Integrated air circulation automated with a presence detector that conserves energy when not in use.
Integrated wheels for simple mobility.
Space 1 weight: 320kg, Space 2: 650 kg, Space 4: 1100 kg, Space 6: 1550 kg.


5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail & Hospitality