UpStage is a new design concept that elevates the lexicon of modern office furniture. UpStage changes the way we create the spaces we work in. Just as mid-century modern design transformed 20th century interiors, upStage brings a new topography to today’s office. Based on a simple platform or “stage,” upStage frees users from the constraints of a benching frame or panel, allowing you to build along a horizontal or vertical plane to create layered work surfaces and multi-story volumes. upStage is real furniture that can be mixed, stacked and moved around. upStage offers a fresh, new-century look, feel and functionality – a new and more engaging office experience. upStage sets the stage for creativity, innovation and transformation.

RRP From: $360.00

14 weeks



A truly unique structural product, the staging unit integrates a full complement of desks, height-adjustable tables, cabinets, shelves, cubbies and screens – and serves as a conduit for electrics.
Every element simply moves into place and fits together, offering innumerable combinations and fresh design concepts for a dynamic and collaborative workplace.
upStage offers a myriad of options, including textiles and wood veneer, translucent and back-painted glass, perforated metal and a range of beautiful metal finishes.


The unique Y Leg provides a two-tone expression with a combination of metal and wood. Darker metal and wood finishes convey a classic look.
The Variable Bookcase provides casual privacy, separating workstations from collaborative areas.
upStage storage units and hutches feature a variety of cubby areas to house Mobile Cubby Trays when not in use.
Fixed Perforated louvers provide visual space division, while allowing light and creating openness in the workstation.


5 years

Applicable Industries