Vicinity Desk Screens
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Bring balance and focus to your workplace with Vinicity Desk Screens. Made from Cube - a lightweight, solid colour, 100% polyester panel - Desk Screens have a smooth, elegant finish, with no capping required. Vicinity Desk Screens are truly acoustic, absorbing sound across the frequency spectrum. This allows distracting chatter and background noise to be controlled at the source, supporting overall acoustic balance of your space.  Through constructing separate working zones and a visual sense of division, Vicinity Desk Screens help support social distancing in the workplace. Simple,  truly acoustic and easily customisable, Vicinity Desk screens are the perfect acoustic solution for the modern workplace or home office.

RRP From: $210.00

1-2 Weeks


• Delivers excellent acoustic performance
• Suitable for any desk size
• Solid colour and smooth finish, no capping required
• Pinnable surface
• UV resistant qualities
• Easy to clean
• Customisable
• Easy to install and move
• Made from compressed 100% polyester felt and does not contain formaldehyde, crystalline silica, or other carcinogens
• Low VOC – beneficial for IEQ
• High recycled polyester content • Highly durable, assuring long-term stability and performance
• Made locally


100% Customisable to suit any desk requirment
Microbial Resistant Coating. Vicinity does not promote the growth of moulds and mildew.


5 Years


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