Viv Wood

Simple and very comfortable, the Viv chair’s paired down shape is highlighted by its tight upholstery, cleverly held deeply into the bucketed seat. Viv was motivated by quality and function and the range of chair, barstool, and lounge chair are a welcome addition to any space, especially as their fully upholstered form can be easily altered with a change of fabrics.

RRP From: $2,038.00

16 weeks


Viv Wood is available as a Barstool, Chair, and an Armchair.
Viv Wood is available to be upholstered in a vide range of fabrics and a series of leather options.


The main seat area of Viv is constructed with a 3D formed plywood, providing a comfortable bucketed seat.
This is then covered with CMHR foams and then fully upholstered with fabric.
The Viv base is machine bent from mild steel rod which is then weld jointed together and polished by hand to a smooth surface.
The steel rod is then finished with either chrome plating or polyester powder coat.
The Viv seat and frame are assembled together by hand using minimal fixings and can be easily disassembled if necessary.


5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail & Hospitality