With Gen Y now firmly entrenched in the workplace, Workways has emerged as a social seating and working programme which suits a variety of different situations while not compromising on aesthetics, finishes or comfort.  Workways can be used as a simple waiting area seat right up to a complete video conferencing room for 10 or more people in complete privacy.   The application of the Workways program in the modern working environment is limited only by your imagination.

RRP From: $1,420.00

8 weeks


A wide range of pieces that can be connected to create modular configurations:
Chair, Arm Chair, Ear Chair, Straight Chair
Meeting Table, Lighting, Plug & Play, Electricity, Corner surface, Green box, Storage


The Workways features elements with VGA, HDMI and USB connections as well as RJ45 and 230V.
Cable management is supplied as a standard feature.
Lighting elements have been incorporated at various points in the system.
The steel frame with chrome legs has been designed with maximum space in mind and the legs set back.
Multifunctional units have been incorporated into the product offering such as tables, storage, lighting, charging and green plant boxes.


5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail & Hospitality