XLOCK180 – BLE + Mifare

XLOCK180 - BLE is a wireless furniture lock for Lockers, equipped with a high capacity lithium 6V battery as standard. Mifare contactless chip technology is used as the "key” to operate the lock. The system is ”awakened" and opened by contactless identification via an authorized UID transponder.

RRP From: $305.00

4 weeks


XLOCK180 – BLE can be operated via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) by using a free app available on iOS or Android Phones / Tablets.
A network Gateway can also be established via the Android / iOS app for remote unlocking via an internet connection.


XLOCK180 utilizes a fast closing mechanism whereby the user swipes their card to open the lock and it automatically locks, enabling the user to close and lock the door without using their card.
The triangular bolt design enables a unique feature known as “passage mode”, meaning a user can set the lock to be unlocked for a period of time and automatically locked when required.
Connects via Bluetooth Low Energy when a phone is within 10m of a locker.


5 years

Applicable Industries

Retail & Hospitality