The team at TCW were thrilled to host our A + D guests at the “Re-connection” event, which was organised in collaboration with the 69 O’Riordan St Collective

After many months of isolation, we remain grateful and supportive of the community we have in this industry. It was wonderful to see everyone, and we can’t wait to see everyone again soon!

Over 2 days in the showroom, we invited our brand partners to be on hand to demonstrate and showcase new workplace initiatives whilst providing Paella and drinks. The finale of the 2 days was a lively debate involving industry leaders on “The impact of COVID19 on the workplace will be forgotten within the year” followed by tapas and cocktails.

CMS Electracom launched Engage, a smart workplace solution harnessing intelligent hardware and powerful software.  Seamlessly digitalising the interaction between employees and the workplace, while empowering property and facility managers to monitor space utilisation and energy consumption to provide insightful analytics on how their workplace is being utilised.

Actiu showcased the new Karbon Chair, and introduced Gaia, which focuses their IoT platform to obtain usage data and building dynamics to inform and optimise the balance between people, the physical workplace and environmental conditions.

For the event TCW’s Kasim Ali-Khan commented that, “Hosting was remarkable given that we managed to plan an event and dodge the covid clouds of closure and entertain a compliant safe event. The debate was glorious in its content and the rapport between 2 sparring teams of industry professionals with their perspective on the past 18 months and the next 12 months, both entertained and educated. Thanks to the panellists Max Thomson, of Spitfire Control, for chairing and the ‘For’ team consisting of Susie Bryden from Cushman Wakefield and Con Hart from FDC with the ‘against’ team, Jessica Margiotta from Group GSA and Gerry Heaton from Gerry Heaton Consulting for their massive contribution and to all those who braved the rain clouds. I believe we left all refreshed, fed, and motivated for the next 12 months when hopefully we have designed for the modern workplace of 2022 and moved past some of the outdated legacies of our past.”

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