Working from Home Tips

What does it mean to work from home safely?

In a well set up workplace you will have monitor arms, ergonomic task chairs, regular meetings and reasons to move about and most importantly, routine. In order for us to not just get through this COVID-19 pandemic but also thrive working from home, TCW has a few tips to share.


Where do you work? From the sofa, dining table or a study desk? Wherever it is, maintaining an ergonomic set up as much as possible is beneficial to your productivity. TCW has created a list of ergonomic furniture pieces that will help you work from home safely and as happily as possible.

Task Chairs
Choose a chair that supports your spinal curve, this should be a chair that has a number of different adjustments like our To-Sync Task Chair.

  • Adjust the height of your chair so that your feet rest flat on the ground and your thighs are parallel to the floor. A chair with a gas lift and adjustable seat will assist with this.
  • Adjust arm rests so that your arms gently rest on them and your shoulders are relaxed.  Arm rests will also assist you in getting out of your chair.
  • Make sure that your back is completely flush with the rear of the seat and that your chair allows for flexible movement. An adjustable lumbar support and a synchronised mechanism will help with this.

Monitor Arms
If a person can adjust the height, distance and angle of their monitor it means they can adjust their technology to their own unique requirements. Using an adjustable monitor arm like our Flo Monitor Arm will reduce the occurrence of eye, neck and back strain. 

  • Using the monitor arm, place the monitor directly in front of you at approx an arms length.  The top of the screen should be at a slightly below eye level angle.
  • Throughout the day as your eye sight deteriorates, bring the monitor arm slightly closer to you.
  • Both points require a dynamic monitor arm to make these easy adjustments.

Everyone has an individual working style, environment and requirements, your workstation is no exception. The design of workstations has progressed with human centric principles in mind, gone are the clinical silver frames of the past. At TCW we have the ability to order customise workstation tops allowing you to fit a work space around that trick corner or exposed beam and create a space that is all yours. All of our products are sold based on their brands quality and dedication towards functional solutions for our clients.

“Find your routine, then stick to it!”


Having a routine is a surefire way to maintain a productive and healthy working day. Make sure that you try and stick to as normal a schedule as possible when working from home. Here are a few of our favourite tips:

  • Wake up on time! Even if your work hours have changed try and get up, have a stretch and get a good start on the day.
  • Change into work clothes – this is very important for a positive mindset. Don’t forget that more and more virtual meetings are taking place. You can even experiment with outfits you have always wanted to trial!
  • A good breakfast. Speaks for itself.
  • Movement – take breaks during the day to stretch and alternate environments. Go for a walk around the block at lunch, take tea and water breaks.
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