TCW can help you space plan your office post Covid-19

Over the last few weeks many established designers and consulting firms globally have written more than they ever have about the “new normal” and what this will look like. There is certainly a great opportunity to use the current pandemic as a catalyst for change and hopefully for the better in new developments and fit outs.

This is a bit beyond our pay grade in terms of the body of research available to TCW. Our focus has been to support change within the current workspace and to help organisations manage the BTW (Back to Work) by understanding their ratios of staff returning at a given time and clearly labelling plans with instructions to the users with distances, pathways and seat allocation. We have the ability to overlay any DWG plans with a layer of clear symbols to manage until a more permanent change is designed and implemented.

TCW can help you plan and ease your way back to the workplace as we have done for many of our clients already. As a sounding board on who is doing what, or in more detail working out how many people you can get in your working areas and your meeting areas and what that would look like to assist you to make a decision. An example of the work we have been doing is below. Our brief in this case was to place a layer of the workplace with a 50-50 ratio and what that would look like in space metrics. How many people can you have in a meeting room of 15m2? How many people in your break out areas and personalised sanitizers for public spaces and individuals?

TCW can provide the physical barriers to provide a level of comfort for those concerned about possible contamination in the workplace. We can also provide ergonomic advice to staff working from home with chairs, monitor arms and desks. What obligation does the organisation have towards its staff working from home and how may the tax man help you on that spend. You can’t claim chocolate biscuits working from home, but you can claim an office chair or monitor arm.

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