Everyone has an individual working style, environment and requirements. Whether you are looking for an open plan solution, height-adjustable, executive or flexible, TCW has a plethora of workstation solutions to suit various budgets and desired aesthetics. Our knowledge in commercial workplace trends leads us to believe that sit to stand workstations are the future. They create flexibility throughout daily tasks, and will ensure a more balanced day for the user. With our exclusive product Eon by Elevar we can create a cluster of workstations on a simple beam system with the ability to add and retro-fit. The app monitoring system also shows your time sitting and standing so that the user can better understand or create new habits.

We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution, as well as assisting to design layouts that suit your individual people, and make the best use of your valuable real estate. The design of workstations has progressed with human-centric principles in mind, gone are the clinical silver frames of the past. Take Fluid and Oki Doki products from Thinking Works, with their choices of wood or powder coat colours you have materialistic warmth. The Zones collection from Teknion similarly looks at how humans relate to their settings and created an entire series with not a single right angle. The collaborative workspace has never looked so good.

At TCW we have the ability to order custom workstation tops allowing you to fit a workspace around that tricky corner or exposed beam and create a space that is all yours. All of our products are sold based on their brands quality and dedication towards functional solutions for our clients.

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