CASINO is a mobile storage solution ideally suited to flexible workplace environments. With mobile castors, a handle and a lock, Casino can go wherever you need it to go in your workplace setting. Casino can be used as a storage pedestal for a work point or can be parked in a docking bay and wheeled to a desk of choice for the flexible worker.

RRP From: $440.00

6 weeks


Optional interchangeable graphic side panels with unlimited scope for customised graphics.
Available in 2 and 3 drawer pedestal and a caddy.
Standard powder coat finishes of silver and white frames.


Both the pedestal and caddy have a cushioned top that provides an optional seat for flexible meetings and impromptu gatherings.
Durable seat cushion made from environmentally friendly PEPP (porous expanded polypropylene).
Powdercoated drawer fronts are constructed of EO grade MDF board.
Side graphics panel 413 x 352mm.
580mm tall so can fit comfortably under a standard height desk.


5 years

Applicable Industries