Manta Chair
TCW Collection

The Manta Chair is a masterpiece crafted for the TCW Collection. This chair transcends the ordinary looking office chair seamlessly blending ergonomic brilliance with a level of comfort associated with an upholstered chair. It's more than just a chair; it's a precision-engineered tool designed to elevate your work experience whist providing a luxury aesthetic. What truly sets the Manta Chair apart is its exceptional design, drawing inspiration from the graceful wings of a Manta Ray. The arms and contours of the chair mirror this magnificent creature, turning your seating experience into a captivating journey through both comfort and style.

RRP From: $600.00

6-8 Weeks



With distinctive 2-tone upholstered detailing and three stunning tonal combinations to choose from


Ergonomically upholstered chair
Gas lift seat height adjustment
Load-dependent locking double castors
Tilt and lock chair back mechanism