Metal Pedestals

These Metal Pedestals are designed for personal everyday use. A mobile filing system using drawers and filing frames which provide easy access.  A variety of colour options and dimensions depending on the desired filing solution makes it a fun addition to any personal space.

RRP From: $431.00

12 weeks


Single colour: green, orange, blue, black, white, silver and grey
Dual colour: white/green, white/organe, white/blue and white/black
Available in box/file or box/box/file and box/box/box configurations


The Metal Pedestals are fitted with an anti-tilt mechanism and are manufactured with an anti-fingerpint solution.
The Actiu Metal Pedestals boast a single exterior frame without joints, anti skid castors fitted as standard with the front castors being lockable.
A fifth castor has been fitted for filing drawer to ensure stability when fully extended on telescopic runners.
All have been fitted with a silent mechanism to minimise disruption.


5 years

Applicable Industries