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Pixel and Pixel TUF discreetly presents both power and two data or AV connections in an ultra-compact form, meeting the growing need for easily accessible connectivity in informal areas, Perfectly suited to breakout areas, meeting rooms, hotels and public spaces. Pixel takes up almost no room at all. You may even forget it’s there until you need it.

RRP From: $63.00

4 weeks


Pixel and Pixel TUF available.
PIXEL Fascia – White or black.
Socket/TUF fascia – White, black or grey.
Grommet ring – Silver, white or black. Pixel-8 – Grommet available in 8 colours.


PIXEL’s single socket out may be configured with a power socket or our class leading TUF A+C: Twin USB Fast charger.
PIXEL also has two apertures for optional fitment of keystone jack type data, USB and AV cables.
PIXEL fits into a standard 80mm grommet hole.


5 years

Applicable Industries