TRIM, the new work chair from Actiu, designed by Alegre Design, was created to take care of people, enhancing their wellbeing and providing high-performance support. A versatile, ergonomic and flexible product which helps the user to feel good and be more productive while taking care of back and body comfort, all with a design that can fit into any space. This chair offers extensive customisation options and features with an adjustable backrest, which enhances comfort. High technical specifications combined with very competitive prices.  

RRP From: $680.00

12 weeks


Trim 50- TEX back rest, Trim 40- Polypropylene back rest, Trim 30- Technical mesh back rest.
Wide range of fabric styles and colours available for upholstery.


Backrest PP with glass fibre (PP + 40% G.F.) frame.
Trim is designed to evenly distribute the user’s weight for ideal comfort and ergonomics.
2D and 3D adjustable arms
Tension control, Gas lift, seat slide and adaptive lumbar.
Auto-weight synchro control mechanism, 4 positions.


5 years