There is something slightly odd about Billy, but it’s difficult to say what it is. He is not spectacularly built. He is chubby and compact, has narrow shoulders and a big head shaped like a pumpkin. He has only one eye, an eye that is always observing, always judging. He lost his other eye sometime in the winter of 2018, under bizarre circumstances. He has an inability to understand the consequences of his actions towards humans and needs to be supervised in social settings. Old, young? It’s really hard to say. Billy loves sarcasm, has a bad temper and is known to show signs of poor taste in company. Most of the time he prefers lurking in dark corners, watching us closely from the shadows.

RRP From: $735.00

12-16 Weeks


Fully upholstered bear with one plastic eye.
Stiched details with standardized fabric - Camira Main Line Flax MLF 28.
100% polyester fiber fabric
Weighing 4.3Kg


Do not expose Billy to sunlight, as it can cause him unnecessary stress, which could provoke biting. Do not feed after midnight. Any food leftover in his digestive system when the sun rises could cause sarcastic and passive aggressive behaviour.