Sideshow Sam

Sam is a creature of a most strange appearance. Although he is on the big side, everything about him suggests he is some kind of a bunny. He has a pointy nose, long floppy ears partly covering his face and he smells faintly of old carrots. He considers comfy compost to be his natural habitat, whatever that means. He is socially awkward and a total introvert due to a traumatic event that happened a few years back involving an old lady and a big chunk of cheese. Sam underwent a series of questionable medical procedures in September 2019, after which he appeared in public increasingly more often. His origins are unknown, as he apparently has no idea what he is or where he came from.

RRP From: $735.00

12-16 Weeks


Fully upholstered rabbit with one plastic eye.
Stiched details with standardized fabric - Camira Main Line Flax MLF 28.
100% polyester fiber fabric
Weighing 3.6KG


Remember to never make an evaluative judgement or comment on Sam’s appearance. It could spiral him into a nightmare of carrot abuse and paranoia.