Hotbox Origin

Hotbox Origin is the original lockable portable file storage system. Hang it on a tool bar or from a desk clamp, or clip it onto the Caddy to take it with you when you are on the move. The transfer of items from lockers to shared work areas is an overlooked area of agile or flexible working. People want their own items to hand but in a way that they can be uncluttered and also move easily from their desk to a meeting or even to lunch. The design follows the concept of creating individualised units to cope with day-to-day desk clutter, laptops, tablets and files.

RRP From: $222.00

4 weeks


Desk Clamp, you can clip your HOTBOX® to the front edge of your workstation,
Caddy, Clip on transport wheels for HOTBOX® with a telescopic handle
Personalised Graphics, custom printed adhesive decals


Combination lock for securing belongings.
Business card holder.
Two handles for safe and easy movability: top handle for carrying and side handle for removing easily from a locker.
Unique lid design allows the lid to retract out of site
Flexible interior dividers and personal buddy to organise your space
H270mm, D250mm, W385mm.
Weight: 3.2kg (empty)


5 years

Applicable Industries