Interpret™ is an innovative desking system designed to work for any person, any workspace, anywhere in the world. Adaptable and scalable, Interpret allows you to make the office your own. Based on a core frame platform and a concise set of components, Interpret can be built upon, extended or fully reconfigured in response to changing demographics, advances in technology and evolving work patterns. Interpret also addresses the readiness of people and organisations to embrace benching by introducing new planning concepts and capabilities, while drawing from the legacy of classic systems furniture. Interpret allows for a breadth of office settings. In a simple benching configuration, sliding translucent screens define boundaries and allow users to dial privacy up or down to facilitate group interaction or personal work. Interpret offers a mix of materials that contribute to aesthetics, function and sustainability goals. Metal storage components have a light, clean look and accept a range of attractive finishes. Wood doors bring an upscale look to a metal cabinet case. Close attention to design detail renders simple materials beautiful. Interpret achieves economies of scale on multiple levels with one product platform that addresses the diverse needs of an international workforce. Worldwide manufacturing facilities ensure a consistent product for clients that occupy offices worldwide, also reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact

RRP From: $961.00

14 weeks



Pricing stated is for desk option 1000mm x 600mm.
Optional Screens as: Whiteboard, Tack board, Accessory screen, Wood or Metal
End Mount Options: Peninsula Work surface, Wood End-Mounted Storage, End-Mounted Storage.
Storage options: District range credenzas and cabinets that integrate with Interpret, laptop locker, plinth base, leg base, castor Base
Other accessory options include:
Cubby & Accessory Dock, Sliding Work surface, Power Access Door, Lateral Mounted Storage, Height-Adjustable Work surface, Curve Leg.
Layout configurations in rectangle or 120 degree workstation clusters.
Surface accent Colours:
Aqua, Tangelo, Verde, Platinum, and Gris.


Interpret protects the original investment as the product platform can be retrofit, extended or fully reconfigured as needs change.
Interpret allows varied levels of openness and privacy through a range of screen heights, reconfigurable screen elements and sliding screens.
Lateral screens and storage components permit various degrees of connection or separation.
Sliding work surfaces and flip-up doors permit easy access to power and data.
District wood storage and wood-based desking integrate with Interpret to add the warm look and feel of classic furniture.


5 years

Applicable Industries