A quiet space to focus, be creative and have innovative private meetings with your team. The effective acoustic shielding and sound absorption ensure you experience a high level of comfort and privacy – a space where thinking can flow. Rooms are flexible and relocatable, as they are independent of your building infrastructure. The Series 4 system installs efficiently and comes equipped with integrated lighting, and ventilation. Smart design that’s built for the future.


Pick the image that works best for you. The space cube is engraved by laser with your imagery - right on the door!
Flexible sliding element available as an acoustic panel with a fabric cover or photo print, melamine or as a whiteboard. Can be moved easily on rails from the inside and outside, easy to rehang and can be retrofitted at any time.
Media link-up and electrification via fixed wall panel. Position can be freely chosen once, further cavity sockets can be retrofitted.
The Bosse cube 4.0 is available in numerous sizes: Widths and depths can be combined in almost any way you want. Minimum size of 2.15 m × 2.34 m / 84.6” × 92.1”, standard sizes go up to 4.5 m × 4.5 m / 177.2” × 177.2”. Additionally the cube can be expanded to a length of 9 up to 13.5 m / 354.3” up to 531.5”. The height of the cube is 2.61 m / 102.8” for installation in rooms with an effective height of 2.65 m / 104.3”.


Panes made from 12 mm / 0.5” thick VSG-SI laminated safety glass with integrated sound insulation film. Invisible adhesive bonding joint which is easy to release.
The Bosse cube 4.0 ensures your comfort:
• infinite control of lighting and ventilation
• operation of lighting and ventilation by KNX radio button
• defined programs for lighting and ventilation
• recording of room data (air quality and temperature)
• display facilities operated by an app for iOS and Android (option)