As we move into a post Covid hybrid workspace era we need spaces that offer privacy and flexibility. Individuals need to have private conversations and businesses want the ability to move elements to preferred locations with the current space or into a completely fresh space. The Human Space Cube products offer great acoustic benefits combined with great air flow to provide a comfortable space with a small footprint. The Human Space Cube family does not need any connection to mechanical or fire services unless required a building owner and they are powered up with a single 3 pin plug. They also have a massive environmental benefit in that you are not building walls to be knocked down and thrown away, everything is reusable if relocated. A quiet space to focus, be creative and have innovative private meetings with your team.

RRP From: $22,000.00

16 weeks


6 Room-in-Room solutions - Telephone, Work, Dialogue, Collaboration, Meeting and Session
Flexible sliding elements are available such as acoustic panels with a fabric cover or photo print, melamine or a whiteboard. These can be moved easily on rails from the inside and outside, easy to rehang and can be retrofitted at any time.
Media link-up and electrification via fixed wall panels. Positions can be freely chosen once, further cavity sockets can be retrofitted.
Various sit to stand desks or bench seating can be fitted.


A wide variety of material choices including selected fabrics, melamine surfaces or wood finishes to give your room-in-room systems a more personal touch.
The design is an aluminum frame structure with glass all the way round
Frame is anodised black or silver
LED downlights
Presence detector in the ceiling controls light and air and switches off after 5 minutes of inactivity.