XLock 30

XLOCK is a European manufacturer of battery operated contactless lock systems which provide the perfect balance between security, cost, flexibility and aesthetics. XLOCK is compatible with existing RFID access cards and all key contactless technologies. Master user cards and individual user cards can be provided and/or configured. The multi-reader option can accommodate a range of organisations’ systems across different sites in a single lock. It can also be operated by common contactless card systems such as PayWave and transport cards.

RRP From: $218.00

4 weeks


Two models for access: Proxy Basic 125kHz or MiFare Classic 13.56MHz.


Used for lockers and within other storage units (due to its compact size).
Tap card (activate) to unlock and close door to lock.
Invisible security – internal mounting allows a clean aesthetic and more design freedom.
Compatibility -with existing building access cards and all major contactless technologies – eg RFID Proxy, MIFARE, LEGIC, HiD.
Proxy Basic option is cost effect with only RFID Proxy access.
MiFare Classic option allows seamless switching between freelocker or fixed code modes using a service card.
2 X AA 1.5V Battery required.


5 years

Applicable Industries